Friday, 23 February 2018

The Evil Within

A lot of great ideas and some genuinely creepy moments that all steadfastedly refuse to gel in to a coherent whole.


  1. The JoeFest award for best single effect goes to The Evil Within, for its depiction of a bald monster attaching a zip to a guy from skull to tailbone, proceeding to unzip him, and finally clambering inside to wear him like a retard onesie.

  2. From the mind of a meth addicted billionaire and boy can you tell. The dream sequences are consistently amazing, the dialogue scenes are consistently leaden, the finale probably makes sense on meth.

  3. For a movie made by a crazy rich drug addict over a period of years, this was pretty damn good. A lot of people will think it’s too bizarre, but they’re not watching it as the last movie of Joefest 2018