Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Blue Sunshine

Dominated by comical overacting that desperately tries to mask the protagonist's total lack of motivation to actually be this intense about everything as he insistently gets involved with a murderous group of people that all took LSD ten years ago.


  1. An untimely JoeFest snooze meant I had trouble following this one.

    I know it involved drugs, and going bald, and being passivised by disco music, but my imagination can’t be arsed to slot that into a meaningful narrative.

  2. Erotic thriller director Zalman King overacts to hilarious levels in a silly b-movie that plays it just the right level of ludicrous to be great fun.

  3. Fantastic. A semi-serious well-plotted post-Watergate thriller with drug crazed bald mentalists.

    Unless it's Microwave Massacre bad, I don't think I notice bad acting, because I thought Shoddy Sean Penn did a great job in the lead. Also loved D'Onofrio's Dodgy Double being defeated by disco.