Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Blood Freak

A hopeless atrocity, the very nadir of film making, yet had me crying tears of laughter, actual fucking tears. What a film.


  1. I’m pretty sure JoeFest is the only place in the world this could get a projection screening and audience numbers above 1.

    Rightfully takes its place alongside The Howling 3 in that most prestigious and notorious subsection of JoeFest reserved for only the truly unimaginable.

  2. Possibly the most inept film I've ever seen, but had me in tears of laughter multiple times.

  3. The highlight for me was the narrator lecturing us about the dangerous substances people put in their bodies. While smoking. Then having a coughing fit. In any other film, you'd assume it was intentional. I don't think anything in Blood Freak was intentional.