Friday, 24 February 2017

Turkey Shoot [Slaughter Game/Blood Camp Thatcher]

Kept drifting off. However being the third Trenchard-Smith of the week meant I was prepared for the inevitable extended chase sequences and could catch a quick doze as everybody was running about then wake up for the important stuff like a chap getting his hands cut off. Lost some of the finer plot details.


  1. Largely predictable yet thoroughly enjoyable, I really enjoyed this one for the uniquely bizzare touches that were written into the hunt, such as the use of tiny vehicles (one with a shovel on the end) in which to pursue the prey, not to mention the thoroughly unpredictable Mr Hyde-esque beast (that'll be one of those finer plot points slumbering audience members may have missed.)

    1. I saw the beast. That counts as 'important stuff', as does watching him have his legs removed by a digger.

  2. Australian Hard Target. The lack of Van Damme and John Woo is replaced with, um, well... Nothing really. It was a bit shit.

  3. Jesus Olivia Hussey really can't shoot a machine gun...liked the Blood Camp Thatcher-mobile and the freak filled killdozer

  4. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Fast-paced, though pretty terribly acted. Struggles to rise above the level of mildly diverting trash.