Thursday, 2 February 2017

Manchester By The Sea

An excellent film gets put in the shade by an absolutely blinding central performance from Casey Affleck.


  1. Have you seen The Killer Inside Me? He's great in that. Amazing Jim Thomson book too

    1. It's here. You've even commented on it! Ed didn't like it though.

  2. Oh yeah I'd forgotten the Mahler! Wonder why it didn't come up on my search?
    Stop sitting on the fence Ed!

  3. Ha ha forgot I wrote that - probably in an alcohol fueled haze. Yeah, sorry chaps, I really didn't like that one! That was a capsule review. In long form:

    A vile, exploitative thriller with no redeeming features. The plot, such as it is, makes little sense and is a paper thin excuse for the director to show some scenes of sickening violence on the flimsy pretense of exploring the inner workings of a damaged mind. Ben Affleck's younger brother Casey plays a walking charisma void called Lou; a detestable little worm whose voice apparently never broke. You wait the entire film for him to get what's coming to him but when he does, it's as unsatisfying as the rest of this mess. To add insult to injury, Winterbottom probably thinks he's being edgy by scoring his pointlessly violent and unrealistic psychodrama with a jaunty little ditty - yeah, no-one's ever thought of that before.

    So has Casey Affleck's voice broken in time for this one?