Saturday, 25 February 2017

Elite Squad [Tropa de Elite]

Unrelentingly grim look at policing Brazilian slums, apparently not an easy job and one that involves a lot of grimness combined with a distinct lack of relenting.


  1. Awesome. Full marks on a clear and entertaining explanation of an insanely broken system. Also loved how the gung-ho exhilaration was juxtaposed with the nervous breakdown of the squad leader. No easy answers because there aren't.

  2. What is lacked in narrative, character development and insight it made up for in visceral action. Good.

  3. Reveals both police corruption and middle class hypocrisy through the eyes of a front line soldier whose calm narration belies his psychosis.

    It lays bear the catch 22 that necessitates BOPE's existence - the same people they are there to protect keep the drug lords in business.

    Brutal, unrelenting and intelligent dissection of a broken system.