Friday, 24 February 2017

Long Weekend

Goes for a lot more eerie weirdness than I was expecting such as the ever encroaching dead sea cow, but literally runs out of ideas as a chap endlessly pelts about a forest searching for a surprise ending long after the film should have ended.


  1. Provided one of my favourite lines of JoeFest:

    "Why are you chopping down that tree?"
    "Why not?"

  2. A couple on a deserted beach are tormented by nature. What The Happening would like to be instead of utter toss. Shame about the Texas Chainsaw ending.

  3. The midpoint between Picnic at Hanging Rock and Wild Beasts. A bit dull.

  4. An eco parable of sorts whereby a man and his wife take their poisonous relationship into nature and nature fights back. Mainly consists of the couple shouting at each other and committing various crimes against nature, including said deforestation, which was at least funny.

    Two very unsympathetic characters who can't disappear soon enough make for a long hour and a half.