Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones

Two films carelessly plaited together. The first is an OK story about Obi-Wan doing a bit of spying, the other is a breathtakingly shit tale about Anakin Skywalker and the woman who falls in love with him despite his constant demonstration that he's an emotionally stunted psycopathic twat.
The teenager spent most of this one alternating between complaints about Anakin and queries as to how much was left to watch.


  1. Worst of the lot. No doubt.

  2. This one has a lot of my favourite bits of the prequels (the geeky bits) and the build up of the grander Star Wars story is good, but this one has not aged well. While some cg sequences look fantastic far too many feel like a cartoony.

    And then there's Anakin. While he's hardly helped with two major character arcs crammed into an already crammed movie (this should be eps 1&2. In 1 mum dies, 2 his relationship with padme blooms) and some terrible dialogue Hayden Christensen is just fucking awful.

  3. My favourite bits of this are all the geeky bits too.

    I like the opening speeder race, the battle at the end, but most of all Jango chasing Obi-Wan through the asteroid field. Now THAT kicks ass.

  4. Start wasn't bad, and the asteroid stuff was pretty good. The action is nice and clear generally until it all becomes way too busy and boring. Hayden Christiansen wishes he was as good as Jake Lloyd. Likes: choking a bitch. Dislikes: sand