Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Good Dinosaur

I'm at a loss as to how such disparate elements can still carry Pixar's emotional heft. It's a Western only with intelligent dinosaurs as the main characters, the landscapes are breathtakingly photorealistic whilst the dinosaurs themselves are basic, plastic cartoons. Whether it works is in no doubt however, as at the end I turned to find the teenager reduced to a blubbering wreck forcing the words 'Saddest kids film ever' through a substantial quantity of snot.


  1. More top notch stuff from Pixar. Sam Shepherd was born to be a T-Rex cowboy. Sobbed a bit by the end but not as harrowing as toy story 3 or - bloody hell - Wall E. Hope I'm not getting a reputation at the cinema for going to see kids' films on his own. Enjoyed the gasp from the young audience when the kid bit the head off the massive beetle.

    1. Sam Elliot I mean of course!