Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge Of The Sith

Lucas finally manages a decent Star Wars movie, he still drops a few clangers but overall he gets to the point and delivers.
The teenager declared it her favourite of the prequels, her best reaction was probably when the huge double lightsabre battle finale swung into action and she calmly pointed out that everybody involved was in the later movies, therefore nobody died and there wasn't really anything to worry about.


  1. I've seen worse. Two movies in particular spring to mind. But it fails in its most important job - convincingly showing us how anakin becomes vader.

  2. I find I harder to forgive 3 than any of the others. I still love it (its fuckin Star wars), but it so catastrophically fucks up Anakin's turn it hurts the two best films in the saga. Granted that damage doesn't effect us in the same way as the OT will always precede the prequels, but as more time passes more people will start from 1 and this will pervert their view of Vader.

  3. Researching them all again, I'm still pissed at the obvious miss-handling of Anakin. In the original films Vader is nasty, but calm cold and calculating. In these films Anakin is a mood dick with anger management issues. If they had played him as a slightly off psychopath in the prequels (like say either of the pair in Funny Games) I would totally have bought he was Darth Vader. Putting a fresh slant on it, if he was a younger Kylo Ten I would have bought it, with his anger management issues. As it is, the two characters young and old will never be the same person for me. There is no common thread of behaviour at all. Fuck you Lucas.