Sunday, 7 August 2011

Super 8

Abrams (who I swear has read a lot of Lovecraft) neatly embeds Cloverfield into the background of a Spielberg movie about some kids having a heartwarming adventure in the summer time.
Pretty damn ace.


  1. That's a coincidence - just went to see this with Ali at the Ritzy tonight. Thought it was decent - a big budget B-movie with typical Spielberg values. Preferred The Mist tho, as Lovecraftian monster movies go.

  2. Less plot holes too!

  3. Made me realise I'm getting old as I enjoyed the heartwarming kids stuff more than the sci-fi monster stuff which was a bit of a hodge-podge of E.T, Batteries not Included, War of the Worlds, Flight of the Navigator et al and failed to match any of them for charm.

  4. Bloody hell, some actual proper filmmaking going on here. Never mind Transformers, you didn't see that in Captain America.

    I thought the kids were fantastic, as was the direction and the music (John Williams is dead, right?)

    The alien, predictably, looked like shit. Anyone in Hollywood got any monsters that aren't covered in flaps and legs?

  5. I'm sick of monsters. Although I desperately want to see Troll Hunter.

  6. John Williams is most definitely not dead!

    All in all a very good homage to old Spielberg. With all the old school feel the cg sequences jarred a little, but, as everyone has pointed out, the interplay between the kids was marvellous.