Monday, 11 July 2011

The Tree Of Life

Depending on who's watching this, it's either going to be;
(a) a long-winded over-pretentious perfume commercial or
(b) a mesmerising existential study composed of a collage of beautifully captured scattered memories.
It's (b) for me.


  1. Over-pretentious? Is there an acceptable level of pretension then?

  2. Looking forward to this one.

    I'd been trying to remember if Malick had done anything since Thin Red Line. I'd forgetten about his Pocahontas remake. Another cracker!

    Still need to see Days of Heaven though. Richard Gere. Hmm.

  3. He's like Kubrick: one film a decade.

  4. Fantastic! Glad i caught it on the big screen. And very pretentious. Not overly so, though.