Monday, 7 February 2011

The Fighter

The pertinent question in my mind was 'Do we need another boxing movie?'
The answer is yes! One that cleverly takes the genre stalwart 'emotional difficulties to be overcome' and externalises it as a second character allowing the opportunity for multiple victories and much uncontrollable joyous fist clenching for the viewer.
A more difficult question to answer is 'Are we going to need another boxing movie after this one?'

1 comment:

  1. 70% Raging Bull, 30% Rocky. Not quite as great as the former, much better than the latter. Bale and Melissa Leo were particularly magnificent. There was a minute or so at the end where it succumbed to Rocky style cheese, but it did lead to Bale's finest moment as he stands back in awe of his brother. Comfortably the second greatest boxing movie I've ever seen and in all likelihood a top 10 (minimum) sports movie. What a phenomenal start to the year!