Thursday, 24 February 2011

El Topo

Heavy on bloodshed, mysticism, nudity and dwarves.
Light on sense, coherence, and plotting.


  1. Better than The Holy Mountain then? I've been meaning to check out Jodorowsky for some time, he's often touted as the father of Surrealist cinema (Bunuel being the grandfather of course) - looks like you're on a bit of a Jodorowsky tip.

    As an aside, there's a nice bit of dubstep from last year called 'El Topo' by a chap called Badawi - almost made my 2010 selection - maybe you know it?

  2. I'm not sure if I own this or just saw it... I'm not normally one for surrealism but as far as fucked up surreal westerns go, this is #1.

    Am I right in thinking this was the one where as he approaches a pen full of rabbits (wait, what?) they all start dying because he is so badass? I think Outlaw Vern wrote a good review of this...

    Pro tip: 'El Topo' means the Mole. Now I say that I can't remember if I'm thinking about Holy Mountain or El Topo... As you say the lack of coherence makes it hard to differentiate.

  3. I preferred this to Holy Mountain, yeah. More due to the fact that it's got Western genre trappings to hang your comprehension on when the allegories start getting tough to follow. Plus it's got some way cool shit going on ( this is the one with the rabbits... ).
    Not heard the dubstep, el topo indeed means mole, i've got to get my hands on Santa Sangre it's not in my box set.