Monday, 21 February 2011

Death Sentence

Death Wish gets reinterpreted as one of those made for TV true life movies with the end result containing some of the most laugh out loud dumb moments I've seen in a while. Dire.


  1. I just watched Electric Dreams - one long laugh out loud dumb moment. I'm sure computers weren't that soppy in the 80s.

  2. I thought this was pretty good, and features one of the best hair cuts ever. I do my own hair as well, but I rarely leave clumps that big hanging off the back of my bonce.

    A lot better than that recent Michael Caine OAP Death Wish - now there's a ridiculous ending for you

  3. My favourite moment is this bad guy taunting Bacon by speaking Spanish and out of nowhere Bacon reels off the most outrageous insult back in Spanish. The tone of the whole moment was basically 'HA! You fuckwits! I SPEAK SPANISH TOO!!'
    It took me a moment to decide whether I really was laughing that hard or whether I was having an epileptic seizure.

  4. The only spanish I know is outrageous insults.

    puto de madre, cholo!

    That's right esse, HABLO ESPAGNOL!


    Okay, I've just checked - turns no hablo espagnol. tu puto madre means "your mother's a whore" BUT de puto madre means "very good indeed." Taco de puto madre means "tasty whoremother of a taco."

    I'm off to Barcelona next month, so I'd better get these down. Can't go wrong with calling everyone esse and wearing shirts with just the top button done up.