Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Piranha 3D

Shallow exploitation homage that ticks the boxes labelled 'boobs', 'phenomenal amounts of absurd death' and 'all the above in 3D'.


  1. As a film it is, obviously, pretty terrible and for about an hour it's terribleness was hard (but not impossible) to ignore, despite the excessive amounts of boobs. Then Christopher Lloyd appears for a scene and in that minute or so everything kicks into gear leading to an awesomely retarded final 30 minutes of tits, death and gore.

    Exactly what you were hoping Snakes on a Plane would be.

  2. Christopher Lloyd looked pretty much the same in this as he looked in Back to the Future.

    In Back to the Future, he looked pretty much the same in 1985 as he did in 1955.

    We can deduce, then, that he hasn't visably aged in fifty five years.

    One question - does he call in sick when it's sunny?