Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jennifer's Body

I had read that this was a feminist horror movie (a quite preposterous notion), but it's not. It's a horror movie made by women (who are probably fed up that everything they do is seen as a pro-feminist stance), and that's a very different thing.


  1. I'd read it was a muddled mess; neither a sharp comedy or a decent horror movie, and not very good. Was it?

  2. I'm guessing Diablo Cody was a big Heathers fan back in the day. It wasn't what I was expecting - I'm not sure which category you'd put it in, but still better than I'd hoped. Wouldn't bother watching it again though, and not a patch on Fantastic Mister Fox.

  3. Had I not just seen the Elm Street remake I may well have described this as the worst decent budgetted horror movie in a decade.

    A thoroughly balls mess of half thought through ideas, shocking non-performances, truly appalling dialogue and less personality than a Bret Ratner film. Abysmal!