Monday, 2 November 2009

Death Proof

Tarantino surprised me by making a fairly excellent 70 min Grindhouse pastiche.
He then quickly let me down by making a far, far shittier second movie and clumsily bolting it onto the end. What a nob.

1 comment:

  1. An hour of thoroughly implausible women talking excessively (the one true note the film hits is that women can talk your ear off) like a 40 year old male movie geek. About 25 minutes in Kurt Russell appears and gives the movie hope. Then, halfway thru, there's an ace as fuck car crash.

    If the movie ended there it would've been a reasonable, fun 70 minute movie and a good start to a double bill. Sadly the film starts again with another hour of far more implausible, and completely unlikable, women talking excessively like a 40 year old male movie geek who then get into a retarded car chase. Then the one good character becomes a retarded pussy and eventually it ends with one of cinemas gayest ends.

    Fuckin' appalling.