Monday, 16 November 2009


Some of the most impressive FX I've ever seen fail to hide the fact that Roland Emmerich is a cock gargling moron who really shouldn't attempt to make intelligent, emotionally rich films and should maybe pursue a more suitable alternative career.
Maybe as a paperweight, or a doorstop.

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  1. The FX are magnificent. Myself, I actually quite liked it for the first hour and a half as the end of the world chases John Cusack around California. But once it shifts to the Arks it's utter stupidness becomes annoying, although it does lead to some great unintential laughs.

    Were it just the end of California chasing John Cusack til he escaped to Vegas and then took a load of acid it would've been great fun.

    Had it been about a group of "normal" people trying to get the humanity's last chance at survival which was open to whoever could get there or about the moral dilemma of selecting who can join the arks and survive made by, this is the important element, a good film-maker then it could have been brilliant.