Monday, 19 October 2015

The Bloodstained Lawn [Il prato macchiato di rosso]

A tale of aristocrats stealing the blood of society's riff-raff that would dearly love to be biting social satire rather than the hopelessly deranged nonsense it actually is.


  1. Aka Terror Tits of the Abyss

  2. That cover is phenomenal.

    Is that really Piranha eyes acting as a bra?

  3. The Italian bullshit factor is high in this poster, nothing like this ever appears in the film. There isn't even a bloodstained lawn, no mention or anything. There is a blonde lady in the film, but of the four main female roles there's only one blonde so not even her hair colour is representative of the film.
    There is a lot of drugs and naked dancing though. And a giant rubber door shaped like a vagina.