Sunday, 11 October 2015

Bone Tomahawk

Fucking boring western with some nasty bits at the end.


  1. I thought this was decent personally, but then with the exception of High-Rise, the bar has been set particularly low at this year's LFF (at least with the film's I've seen).

    It was always going to have to be something special for me to really like it though, as I'm no fan of westerns, and Bone Tomahawk was decidedly not the genre-bending, mind-melting trip it was billed as.

  2. Definitely didn't live up to the extreme intro hype as Ed said, although I still enjoyed it. Could have been a few minutes shorter. In the Q&A they said it was the full original script with nothing cut. No shit.

    Would have been better if when the throat whistle was cut out of the tribesman it turned out to be part of a parasitic alien.