Sunday, 30 August 2015

Inner Demon

(Frightfest Day 4)
Act 1: A scared girl runs about in some woods, an angry man stands about and smokes and a sad lady hunts for a story.
Act 2: The scared girl sits in a wardrobe, the angry man commits random drawn out acts of brutality and the sad lady is sad because she still can't find a story.
Act 3: The scared girl stays very, very still, the angry man gets blown about by some fairly strong gusts of wind and the sad lady completely gives up on there being any story.


  1. I stopped caring early on, at exactly the moment the director decided we needed to watch a girl try for five minutes to escape a ditch via a tree root when she could have got up and walked.
    Laboured and uninspiring.

  2. Didn't despise it as much as above - seemed like quite stock fare to me, but it was pretty dull throughout. Surprised it has such a comparatively high IMDb rating.