Sunday, 13 July 2014

Tulpa: Dämonen der Begierde [Tulpa: Demon Of Desire]

The first comercially available version of Tulpa with an English audio track is this German edit which is now considerably shorter and all but omits the two characters who generated the crazier dialogue.
What's left is clearly still barking, Tulpa Guy's scenes are intact and the deaths are gruesomely extreme, the film still stands as a great giallo but unfortunately nowhere near the magnificent lunacy witnessed at Frightfest.


  1. I think we witnessed something unique and special last night. From what I can remember of the plot, isn't one of the more risible characters quite important? Well, as important as any plot point in a proper giallo

    1. She's still in the film, but any lengthy conversation has been cut and she's been given her original voice back. It's very clear why they wanted to dub it.
      The main bloke (who now does not work in IT) has also had all his longer dialogues cut. Bizarrely all of this actually makes the ending even weirder...