Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Apocalypse Now

A jaw-dropping examination of an epic lunacy portrayed through a perfect mesh of hilarity, horror and disbelief which upon every viewing edges my opinion closer to the idea that this is the best film ever made. 
Every film maker should be made to watch it so that the bad ones might be shamed into giving up and the good ones are reminded of what they should aspire to.


  1. Every film watcher should see it regularly as well, in case we become so jaded that we're actually tempted to see Transformers 3 or the Conan remake. Or, jesus christ, that new pirates of the caribbean I foolishly went to see. The horror indeed.

    Joe - problems with gmail signature or summit

  2. Just been to see this on the big screen. Holy fuck what a film. Seen it many times, but never hit me as hard as that before.

    Dark of the moon tomorrow. Shit.