Thursday, 4 November 2010

[Rec] 2

Takes a disparate array of familiar, well worn horror movie themes and combines them in wholly original ways creating a sequel so fantastic that it forces re-evaluation of the original as a tense prologue for greatness.
Worth watching if only to bask in the rarity of a horror movie that gets better with every scene and doesn't fumble the ball once.


  1. I don't think I've seen the original, but can't be sure. I have seen the practically scene for scene US remake which was OK, so despite the rave reviews I wasn't expecting anything great.

    There was a moment early on when the creatures are explicitly explained where I thought "hang on a minute, I don't know about that", but then within 5 minutes a girl had jumped onto the ceiling and scuttled backwards and I realised it was actually a quite genius idea that gave a wholly original twist on a well worn genre.

    I can't remember the last horror movie I saw that was this good. This could even be the best horror movie I've seen since the J-horror boom a decade ago (Ring, The Eye, Ju-on), but I'm sure someone will mention a stunning horror movie that's just escaping my memory right now.

  2. Watched this now thanks to Al's generosity and a drowned centipede and most agree it's very good. When the new set of characters were introduced halfway through I felt the tension was broken a bit, but apart from that, very good. Also very pleasing to see a virus/rabid human monster being caused by something other-wordly for a change which lent it a lovely mystique. The use of night vision was inspired.

  3. Very good - and the two parts definitely function as one long film; watched em back to back last night. The sequel is the better of the two films (despite most reviewers on IMDB saying the opposite), but I thought the first Rec in itself was a decent little horror movie personally, not just a prelude to Rec 2.