Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Don't Knock Twice

I struggled to get past the redundancy of the word 'Twice' in the title if I'm honest. It was certainly made clear why two knocks summoned the unstoppable supernatural evil, but at no point was there offered a plausible scenario whereby you'd be required to goad the unstoppable supernatural evil by just knocking once.
Missed exposition toward the end that may have made this less shit, but i was busy googling to see if there's already a film called Don't Knock. There isn't.


  1. Do they get Candyman are riled up by just saying his name twice? Maybe in Farewell to the Flesh. It has made me think of potential horror sequels. Don't Breathe Again?

    1. I'm not complaining about the mythology, just the title.
      I'd take umbrage if it was called 'Don't Say Candyman A Fifth Time, But The Other Four Are OK'

    2. 'Don't Actually Open That Puzzle Box'

    3. 'Press Play On The Tape Recorder But Don't Let It Finish'

  2. Replies
    1. Final part of the trilogy that began with The Wick Man.