Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Get Out

Accelerates the well meaning but ultimately deeply insulting backhanded compliments of white middle class liberalism from awkward to darkly sinister at a thrillingly breakneck pace.


  1. Not a reflection of simmering racial tensions in modern America so much as a reflection of the current trend in Hollywood for massive overcompensation. I've seen the film accused of reverse racism in the IMDb comments section, but that's wrong I think. It's just too dumb to be taken seriously - but if you simply flip the script and have a credible black lead surrounded by ridiculous white stereotypes, those sorts of accusations will fly.

    As a horror, I found it barely adequate, just getting a few points for keeping me intrigued for a while before I clued into where it was headed and my eyes gradually rolled further and further back into my sockets. Definitely didn't see it with a seasoned horror crowd - I can't remember the last time I heard people screaming with such little provocation and oo-ing and ah-ing at the most obvious of plot points. As a comedy it's about as funny as Chris Rock's stand up routines, and in much the same vein.

  2. Finally got round to seeing this recently and I really enjoyed it. Yes the premise is ludicrous to the point that trying to read any serious political statements is a waste of time, but the Stepford Wives-esque vibe was great and the lead performances were excellent.