Saturday, 30 April 2016

Captain America: Civil War [IMAX 3D]

Takes its lead from Winter Soldier by prioritising story from the start, then when the action does kick off it's both eyeball shredding and flecked with character driven humour and at the end nothing large falls out of the sky as the script wisely chooses to drop emotional bombshells instead.
As you leave the cinema you're left to grapple with the twin mystery of how Marvel's finest entry yet is both fronted by their dullest hero and directed by the people behind You, Me and Dupree. A success against all odds.


  1. Very nicely done - I especially liked how Stark and Rogers' motivations are informed by previous movies. Rogers distrusts authority; Stark distrusts himself. Ant Man is awesome again, and finally the movies get Spider-Man right - nervously chatting through fights. Black Panther was also cool. I think he's from the same country as Mamawalde

  2. Loved it, pretty much faultless entertainment, and it highlighted the strength of (the best bits) of the previous Marvel movies, as I began to realise I really knew these characters well, and their interplay gave it some real grounding.

    And I know he's dull, but I quite like good ol' Cap Am!