Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tales Of Halloween

(Frightfest Day 5)
Playful anthology of Halloween shorts with no real clangers. Standout for me was the Friday 13th/UFO one, also special shouts to the one about little Billy going on a rampage and that fucking grinning ghost that made me shit myself.


  1. A bit of fun to end on. I'm not the world's biggest fan of shorts or shorts anthologies, truth be told, but couldn't find much to fault here.

    It seems like it would have been an ideal movie for the Halloween All-Nighter though - not quite sure why they didn't save it for a couple of months and end the main event on a bombshell (last year we got The Signal in the closing slot).

  2. Enjoyable, but did make me feel old and boring for wishing the spirit of the anthology had been more that of the traditional, clockwork skeletons and cobwebs horror depicted on one side of the street, as opposed to the guts and gore on t'other.