Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

A slasher movie that has ambitions to be far more. It's not entirely successful but amongst all the eye-rolling it illicits, the ever present aspiration should be applauded.


  1. A pale imitation of the original movie dressed up as something more. Clips from the 76 film are shown throughout, suggesting it really has no ideas of its own - even recreating the trombone scene rather than doing something new. The idea of a copycat killer inspired by a real movie could potentially work, could make for something of a meta-movie, but here I think it's just a crutch for a lazy remake. Much preferred the original, except for the 'Sparkplug' moments.

  2. Attempted to be a remake, sequel and original all rolled into one, but couldn't escape it's slasher trappings. It lost me a bit with its silly twist which was unnecessary didn't hold together. Was still a solid slasher.