Saturday, 24 May 2014

Yo-Yo Girl Cop [Sukeban Deka: Kôdo nêmu = Asamiya Saki]

The paucity of yo-yoing left me feeling distinctly underwhelmed. A blander, more fitting title would be just "Girl Cop" or "Intermittent Violence Girl: Not Much Yo-Yo".


  1. Not sure where that name has come from (other than the girl on the poster is swinging a yo-yo). The literal translation of the Japanese title is 'Leader of a Female Detective Gang: Code Name Asamiya Saki'. Guess that wouldn't have been as catchy.

    1. As with most things in Japan this is based on a manga called Sukeban Deka from the 70s, which has since been adapted many times for TV, film etc. I'd read that a translation of the title was "Delinquent Girl Detective".

      Anyway the key features that carry across all versions is a girl who's in trouble with the police has to infiltrate a high school to uncover crime, she's always given the code name Asamiya Saki and always gets a lethal Yo-Yo that doubles as her police badge.

      Hence the name, bet you really wanted to know. Think I should've watched this version instead: Yo-Yo Sexy Girl Cop.

    2. Sexy Girl Cop > Girl Cop, naturally :-)

      Makes sense on the name: sukeban means female gang leader and deka is detective, so Delinquent Girl Detective is about right.