Monday, 18 April 2011


Kevin Williamson takes the opportunity to tear chunks off the state of modern horror cinema, all the while holding his hands up at his own role in its development, whilst Wes Craven takes the opportunity to gleefully romp about in Argento pastiche.


  1. Is it not too self-referential? Has any movie sequel been good past the 4th installment?

  2. It's only as self referential as a Scream movie requires, if anything it holds off to allow Craven more room for sadism.
    And the 7th Elm street movie was great, the 2nd best of the lot, but that was an on form Craven again.

  3. This was very good, if not quite as good as the first 2.

    Good 4th installments? Well, Star Wars Episodes 4 & 5 are the best! And Bond has several ace movies after Goldfinger (except the Roger Moore ones). Die Hard 4.0 was ace fun (if somewhat retarded). Freddy vs Jason is better than any of the Friday 13th's. And the aforementioned New Nightmare.

  4. Hello, I hear the sound of barrel-scraping!

  5. Star Wars 4-6 don't count as they were made 1st. Bond movies don't count as between actors they are like reboots (and the only really good one since the 4th one is probably Casino Royal). I guess you could claim Batman 4 but that is a reboot too so isn't really in the same series. Die Hard 4 is about computers, and too PG13 to be a 'real' Die Hard movie. You can't convince me that any Freddy/Jason movie past 4 is 'good'.

  6. "Batman 4" would be Batman and Robin! Batman 5 would be Begins!

    Die Hard 4.0 is great fun, infinitely more fun than 2. OK, it's more kid friendly, but it still has Willis bein McClane and not bored Willis.

    I know Star Wars doesn't count, I was being silly, but I like the prequels (not as much as the originals though), but we aren't getting into that. I also like Indy 4 (it's not really much worse than 2 and aliens are no more stupid than God sucking the life out of nazis or getting eternal life by driunking from a naff cup) but I know I'll never convince anyone else!

    Bond... Until Craig they weren't reboots. One of the Moore's references his wife's death in OHMSS and I'm pretty sure Brosnan did at one point too. Which means Living Daylights, Licence to Kill and Goldeneye are 3 after 4 which are are. And OHMSS was a very good film, just with a sucky Bond.