Sunday, 16 January 2011

Waterpower [The Enema Bandit]

Chuck D once asked me how low can I go? This film may be the answer.
I read about this one in Jonathan Ross' Incredibly Strange Film Book where he stated 'not many people would actually admit to having seen the film' and I should've just left it there. Instead I made the mistake of pursuing this marathon of nausea and can now offer advice on how to avoid my chronic error, never watch this film.


  1. I still want to see it. Why should you and Ross have all the fun?

    Picked up the Grim Reaper AKA Anthropophagous the Beast in a charity shop last week. It's on the DPP list, but I'm assuming it's a heavily cut version, so no "abortion by cannibal" scene. And it stars Tisa (not Mia) Farrow, possibly the worst ever actor apart from Joseph Fiennes and Ewan Macgregor.