Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

A jet black interpretation of the Santa Claus myth, which leans heavily on pagan roots, is the seedbed for the best Christmas movie I've seen by a country mile and one of the finest movies to be produced in 2010.


  1. Best Christmas movie ever? That's some strong talk there. Better than It's a Wonderful Life? Scrooged? Bad Santa? Nightmare Before Christmas? Gremlins? Silent Night, Deadly Night (maybe)?

  2. Justification here calls for a touch of specificity;

    When compared to films where the myths and legends of the season are central to the story being told, then this is better. So yeah, better than Wonderful Life, Bad Santa, Nightmare and Scrooged.
    When compared to films that happen at Christmas, although the season isn't necessarily central to the plot, then no it's not better than Die Hard and it's on a par with Gremlins.

    Strong talk, definitely. Ultimately though the hyperbole is there (and I'm justifying it here at length) because this is a brilliant film that people should go and watch even if it's just to tell me that actually Bad Santa is better.

    I haven't seen Silent Night, Deadly Night though I should. There is more weird Christmas to come.