Monday, 14 December 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

I really wanted to like this, but unfortunately it features a total shitehawk of a child romping through what appears to be an unusual hybrid of an episode of Ally Mcbeal and a very brown version of 'In The Night Garden', so it's balls.
In its defence, however, the Wild Things are a technical marvel.


  1. Possibly the most I've ever disagreed with Al. At least since Munich.

    My initial response was it was exactly the film I expected but not quite as great as I hoped. While driving Pip home and discussing it I realised that it was as good as I hoped and after further thought it's probably better than I'd hoped.

    100% not a kids film but a film about being a kid. Max is one of the most genuine on screen children I've seen. The tantrums and loneliness caused from lack of friends outside of school reminded me very much of me at around 10; confused and angry. The opening 15 minutes before be goes to where the wild things are was utterly outstanding.

    The wild things themselves are wonderfully interchangable versions/facets of Max, his Mum and older sister leading him to begin to grow up through the course of the story.

    I do agree that the wild things were a technical marvel, but to me that was irrelevant compared to the beauty, magic and emotion of the film.

    Warm, slight and magical. After such a dismal year of films it's great that the year has closed with 2 genuinely great movies that I'll go back to again and again (the other being A Serious Man).

  2. (the other being G.I Joe)

  3. Really liked Wild Things too (though not as much as Fantastic Mister Fox.) I kept figuring out if the things were supposed to represent children or adults, but I guess that's the point - everyone's messed up, and you have to take everyone's feelings into account. Mostly when kids leave a magical land, though, they're sad to leave. I'm sure this boy was thinking "good luck with all THAT"

    Yeah, a pretty shit year for films. Did like Mesrine and The Damned United, as well as the Fox. Very disappointed by Parnassus and Men Who Stare at Goats.

    And yes, GI Joe was pretty good