Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Happening

Absolute toss.


  1. Gotta say, I don't know why so much hype surrounds M Night Shyamalan. I saw Signs recently - thought that was pretty unremarkable, if not a tad shite. And what a ridiculous name.

  2. While this is a completely accurate summing up of The Happening it truly does not do this film justice. This is a film I genuinely believe everyone should see. It's bad in a way seen so rarely. You will be astounded at how bad it is. Even when you are told how bad it is you won't realise what the words actually mean until you see it. It's a film that almost makes you reassess everything else bad you'd ever seen.

    And 3/4's of Signs is great. Tight, tense, exciting, surprising. And then there's the last 20 minutes which are hokey and stupid. But even those last 20 minutes seem like genius after The Happening.

    This really is essential viewing.

  3. Exciting? Surprising? I must've been watching a different film. I found it to be very cliched and entirely unsurprising - adding nothing new to an already overcrowed genre. Ho hum.

    Maybe I will watch The Happening as an exercise in badness then.

  4. Ali and I decided to take the plunge and watch this last night. The realization of just what a shocker it actually was grew exponentially with each ad break. A non-film. One thing that does it occur to me though, is that it must have been incredibly cheap to make - and if not, why not?! When your bad buy is THE WIND, you shouldn't be troubling your fx budget too much...